Here you can see sweets my recipes basic style, unique style which I gave twist my taste, nutrition and trivia. Those recipes are easy to make at home :)  Try to make it, If you interested in the recipe. Have enjoy! 



Here is another one "Fruits yogurt decorated" same ingredient, difference to cut of fruits. Try it!...more and recipe  


Yoghurt is very attractive food to the body have contains lactic acid bacteria, vitamin and mineral in addition to the...more and recipe  


Ichigo daifuku is one of the Japanese sweets, It's ichigo(strawberry) and anko(sweet red bean) wrapped by mochi. It good...more and recipe


Zenzai is kind of Japanese sweets which simmered red beans which called Azuki in Japan and sugar. It is like Azuki comport...more and recipe  


You can enjoy rich banana flavor and taste with fluffy banana cake. This cake combined the puree that cooked ripened banana and baked....more and recipe  


Apple have happy effective ingredient of beauty for women. Do you know the words "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" ? This meaning is apple have rich nutrition, Vitamin and mineral for...more and recipe  

りんごは医者いらず?! 昔からよく言われている言葉として「リンゴは医者いらず」と言われていますが、英語でも同じよに「An apple a day keeps the doctor away」という言葉があります。このようにリンゴには健康な体を維持する事が...詳細とレシピはこちら

It is tasty and good balance of cinnamon flavor and sweet pumpkin. Of course Japanese people like eat sweets, they likes mild and rich taste. But they are unacceptable to strong spicy flavor....more and recipe  


I baked classical style gateau chocolat blended 55% of cacao bitter chocolate, It have mild and rich chocolate flavor!! Then it have moist, fluffy and good balance of sweet and bitter chocolate taste...more and recipe  

チョコレートのお菓子の中では定番のガトーショコラ! カカオ55%のチョコレートを使用した濃厚で風味豊かな高級感のあるチョコレートの焼き菓子...詳細とレシピはこちら

Lovely cream cheese will be lovely sweets. All of sweets made from cream cheese is delicious!  This cream cheese tart is mild and tasty with rich cream cheese taste....more and recipe


Fresh cream have rich nutrition?! I know everybody have french toast recipe already.. But I want to tell you how much brilliant nutrition fresh cream have! You will surprise too, I think. It has rich of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, K , calcium...more and recipe  

生クリームは栄養満点!生クリームというと「脂肪分=太る」とお思いの方も多いと思います。私も調べてみてびっくりでした。なんとビタミンのほとんどが入っているといってもいいくらいで、ビタミンA, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, K を含有して...詳細とレシピはこちら

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Sweets - お菓子

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