September 8, 2016

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What is Inari-zushi? 

Inarizushi is one of the sushi which wrapped in deep-fried bean curd. It is popular as inexpensive dish at casual restaurant and home cooking. Usually, vinegared rice or mixed boiled sweet vegetables and mushroom with vinegare...

September 5, 2016

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What is Obanzai? 

Obanzai is Kyoto style home cooking with boiled vegetable mainly. It called Obanza in Japan mostly in Kantou. Those are writen "お番菜, お晩菜, お万菜" in Kanji, Those are cooked vegetables which harvest in Kyoto and around Kyoto with drie...

August 17, 2016

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What convenience dish is!  
Japanese people are always busy... It is since long time ago. DON was created for the people doing something as busy since Edo (around 1830)  period. It is can eat quickly rice and some dishes same time. I think Japanes...

August 8, 2016

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What is KATSU-DON?

KATSU-DON is very popluer rice bowl dish in Japan. It is Tonkatsu with egg-bound on top of rice. Taset is sweets and salty of soy sauce, and can enjoy fluffy egg. 

Unique Japanese style "Tamagotoji" Tamagotoji is very convenience...

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