Saikyo miso _ 西京味噌

Saikyo miso is sweet white bean miso, kyoto style miso. It is white color miso and taste is sweet made from soy bean. Meaning of Saikyo is the birthplace name, it is kyoto in Japan. Saiko miso taste is sweet and mild cause contained syrup. 

Matcha powder _ 抹茶

Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Have rich nutrition and the super food which is represent of Japanese food. It good for anti-aging and skin beautiful. 

Black honey / Black sugar syrup _ Kuromitsu _ 黒蜜

Black honey is the Japanese sugar syrup of boiled down to black sugar* with water. It is similar to molasses. The taste is sweet of course. And have flavor of sugarcane and have little bit bitter flaver similar to caramel.  Black honey have rich nutrition especially for beautiful skin. It effective to prevent dry skin and keep moisture. And then toning of the skin. also improve immunity and an intestinal regulation action.  (Black sugar* made from sugarcane) It is best combination,  if you take black honey and rosted soy bean flour for beauty!! 

Roasted soybean flour_ Kinako _ きな粉

Roasted soybean flour is the super food of represent Japanese. It has effect to constipation resolved, cold prevention, edema resolved, beautiful skin by the action of lecithin and vitamin E · natural polyphenol soy isoflavones.  

Almond powder _ アーモンドパウダー

Almond powder is gained almond. And It has rich nutrition and one of the super food.It will have a hearty taste if use it for bake cake, when you want to something more taste. 

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