Basil Chicken Sandwich

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If you have remaining steamed chicken, you can make this sandwich quickly!! I developed this recipe because I had remaining it....Combination of basil and chicken is very good as you know! The dipping sauce is refreshing flavor because lemon juice. And backed potato is pan-flied with olive oil, so this dish is light taste. The dipping sauce work for any of meal, if you want to eat meat of fish with refreshing flavor. And It change to salad dressing, if add more lemon juice and olive oil into dipping sauce.

Recipe of Basil Chicken Sandwich


Dish up

Put in order the ingredients on the bread from top of recipe.

Preparing Cooking Utensil Knife, Cutting board, Chopsticks, tsp, tbsp,butter knife

Cooking ingredients__(Serves : 1 person, 10min)


2 slice------bread

1/2 tsp------butter

1/2 tsp------mustard

20g---------sliced avocado (0.705479 oz / 0.0440925 lb)

10g---------sliced onion (0.35274 oz / 0.0220462 lb)

1 tbsp------walnut dipping sauce

70g---------steamed chicken (2.46918 oz /0.154324 lb)

Three leaves-----basil

Side dish

150g--------baked potato (5.29109 oz / 0.330693 lb)

as you like-----vegetable

Here is recipe of ingredients

Walnut dipping sauce (Serves : 1-2 people, 5 min)

1/4 tsp----salt 1/4tsp-----black pepper 1 tsp-------lemon juice 3 tbsp-----mayonnaise 10g---------rosted and sliced walnuts 1 tbsp-----fresh cream 1 tbsp-----olive oil

Steamed chicken (Serves : 2 people, 30min)

250g----chicken 75ml-----rice wine tbsp1/4-salt 10g-------ginger (0.35274 oz / 0.0220462 lb) Japanese style dressing 200ml

Baked Potato (Serves : 1 - 2 people, 7 - 10min) 180g----potato (6.34931 oz / 0.396832 lb) 1g-------salt (0.035274 oz / 0.00220462 lb) 3 tbsp--olive oil

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