Cold Pork Shabu Shabu | Cold boiled pork with Japanese style dressing

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What is Shabu Shabu?

(しゃぶしゃぶ , also spelled syabu-syabu) Shabu-shabu is a Japanese typical nabemono hotpot dish. It is thinly sliced meat boiled in boiling water or soup stock and served with dipping sauces. The name came from onomatopoeia, it derived from the sound emitted when the sliced meat are stirred in the cooking pot. Cold pork shabu shabu is cold thinly sliced pork once boiled with a lot of boiled soup like shabu shabu! This is very easy to eat when you lost appetite because of hot summer.. Additionally dressing is refreshing flavor by lemon juice!

Recipe of Cold Pork Shabu Shabu


Step 1. Boil and cool pork

Prepare cold vat with ice and water for cool down boiled pork.

Put water, rice wine, salt, ginger into pot. And boil slice pork into the boiling water, it 10 to 20 second. Then cool down boiled pork with cold vat.

Dish up

Put slices onion and julien green perilla on the plate, and put boiled pork on top.

Serve with Mentsuyu dressing.

Preparing Cooking Utensil Tea spoon, Table spoon, bowl, eggbeater, pot, knife, Cutting board

Cooking ingredients__(Servings 1 person, 15min)

250g----sliced pork (8.8185 oz / 0.551155 lb)

1/2 slice----onion

3 leaves----green perilla 


1/2 tbsp----salt

75ml---rice wine

10g-----sliced ginger (0.35274 oz / 0.0220462 lb)

200ml-Mentsuyu dressing*

You can eat with any of dressing as you like!!

*Japanese style mentsuyu dressing - Easy cooking recipe

Ingredients__(makes approximately  90ml) 3 tsp----mentsuyu 1 tbsp--koikuchi soy sauce 1 tsp----lemon juice 1 tsp----white sesame seeds 1tbsp---olive oil

How to make Mixing all ingredients together, just it.

Japanese noodle soup

Ingredients__(makes approximetately 160ml) 150ml-----water 1 tsp-------hondashi 1 tsp-------kombu dashi powder 3 tbsp-----mirin 2 tbs-------usukuchi soy sauce 1 tbs-------koikuchi Soy sauce

How to cook Put all ingredients into pot and boil it once. Then cool it. Just it!

Additional information Hondashi is Soup stock powder made from dried bonito Kombu Dashi Powder is Soup stock powder made from konbu

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