Matcha Affogato

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What is affogato?

An Affogato is one of a Italian dessert what It usually put espresso on ice cream. Meaning of affogato is "drowned". Here, I introduce to you about "Matcha Affogato" that can enjoy collaborated rich taste of Japanese sweets as matcha and anko with vanilla ice cream.

Matcha is Super food.

Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Now a day, it became popular at large city like NY, London, Paris as Japanese cuisine and healthy meal. It is super food and representative of Japanese food. It has rich nutrition especially contain an ingredient to make the skin beautiful!!

Recipe of Matcha Affogato

How to Cook

Step 1 Make matcha tea

Put Matcha powder into small bowl and mixing with boiled water. And try to make bubble like cappuccino. ( Matcha become more delicious, if get bubble )

Dish up

Put all toppings ingredients into cup.

Put matcha tea into cup when you eat.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Pot, tablespoon, whisk / bamboo whisk (Chasen) is good if you have, small bowl

Cooking ingredients (Serves 1 person, 5min)

Match tea

1tbsp----Match powder

4 tbspl---Boiled water*


Ice cream

Anko (Azuki bean jam)


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