Gluten Free - Fluffy Fish Fritter

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Let enjoy watching Olympic games with drinking beer and fluffy fish fritter!!

At last, it started Olympic games!! I enjoy watching game with TV and enjoy drinking too. You need beer and nice snack food for it, don't you? Today, I recommend fluffy fish fritter. When just fried is fluffy and yummy, and keep the taste even cold too.

The recipe of this fritter is I gave a my taste twist to the batter recipe of my grand grandmother. My grand grandmother recipe contain sweet Japanese sake, Therefore it can enjoy sake flavor and taste good cold too. At this recipe, I use sparkling Japanese sake for make fritter more fluffy. Also it remove smell of fish.

Recipe of Fish Fritter

How to Cook

Step 1 Make fritter mixture

A : egg white Beat egg whites in the bowl until whites are foamy. Add salt and beat egg until egg whites are glossy, fluffy, and hold soft peaks.

B : egg yolk Mix together egg yolk, sparkling Japanese sake, konbudashi and salt in a bowl. Add rice flour into the bowl and mix.

Step 2 Preparing codfish

Put codfish on the vat. Sprinkling salt and black pepper on codfish, then put potato starch. And dip codfish in the fritter mixture.

Step 3 Deep-fry

Deep-fry the fritter in the oil temperature of (between 340F and) 360 degrees F. It is complete when the fritter have bubble is clear and getting big.

Serve with sauce as you like. Tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and aurora sauce.. etc

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Bowl, tablespoon, teaspoon, whisk, pot, bat, long chopsticks

Cooking ingredients ( serve 2, 15min)

160g---- flitch of codfish (7.0548 oz / 0.440924 lb)

10g-------potato starch (0.35274 oz /0.0220462 lb)

Oil for deep-fly

Fritter mixture


2 pinches----salt

1/2 tsp------konbudashi

1/2 tsp------hondashi

50ml-----sparkling Japanese sake

50g-------rice flour(1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)


Tomato ketchup, Mayonnaise

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