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What is Gali?

Suhi ginger is marinated ginger with rice vinegar, sugar and salt generally. It serve with side of sushi at restaurant. It called "Gali" in Japan.

As you know ginger is spicy?!

The spicy component have bactericidal action and erase the smell of fish. So, gali have eaten with sushi since very long time ago. Spicy component ginger have good for woman!! The spicy component are "Zingerone", "Shogaol" and "Gingerol" Zingerone and shogaol are made by heated ginger. The shogaol work to get body hot by improve the flow of blood. And an effect on the anti-aging. Gingerol is bactericidal action, action to activate the immune cells, action to promote the secretion of bile, such as action to reduce the nausea and headaches, it has a variety of work.

You can eat the sushi ginger of this recipe 3hours later after marinated, and can eat besides garnish of sushi. Put olive oil on sushi ginger. It is good for snack food of drinking. Especially fit with fruity sparkling wine!!

Recipe of Sushi ginger

How to Cook

Step 1 Prepare ginger

Slice the ginger along the fiber, boil ginger with boiled water for 1 min. Put boiled ginger on the strainer and sprinkling salt to ginger.

Step 2 Make marinade liquid

Put sake and kombu dashi into the pot and boil it once. Add vinegar, sugar and salt and boil it again. Complete when sugar and salt dissolve in the liquid.

Step 3 Marinating ginger

Squeeze ginger, and put ginger into the food container. Add marinade liquid into it. Keep the container in refrigerator and takes minimum 3 hour for eat. Next day is best.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Kitchen knife, cutting board, colander, pan, marinated container

Cooking Ingredients ( serves 5-6, 10min )

200g----ginger (7.0548 oz / 0.440924 lb)

1/2 tsp--salt Marinade liquid

1/2 tsp---konbu powder

50ml-----rice wine

150ml----rice vinegar

50g------sugar (1.7637 oz / 0.110231 lb)

1/2 tsp--salt

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