KATSU-DON - Every Japanese people loves it

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What is KATSU-DON?

KATSU-DON is very popluer rice bowl dish in Japan. It is Tonkatsu with egg-bound on top of rice. Taset is sweets and salty of soy sauce, and can enjoy fluffy egg.

Unique Japanese style "Tamagotoji" Tamagotoji is very convenience cooking and taste is good. Tamagotoji is egg-bound, It is like Omelette. Get together all ingredients and small amount of soup by breaking egg. Japanese people love Tamagotoji and use it a lot of recipes. Especially use for Rice bowl dishes, It called DON in Japan. It is some ingredients on top of rice. If you have any remaining dish of last night. You can cook it very easy and quickly.

Recipe of KATSU-DON

How to Cook

Step 1 Cooking "Tamagotoji"

Break the eggs into bowl and mix very well. Put all of seasoning into frying pan from top to bottom. Add chive and Tonkatsu into there. And Put egg liquid on top of Tonkatsu. Then put lid on the pan-fly and wait 20 second.

Dish up

Put rice and Tamagotoji into china bowl, and put Japanese roasted shredded seaweed on top.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Bowl, tablespoon, teaspoon, whisk, pot, bat, long chopsticks

Cooking Ingredients ( serves 1p, 5min)





50ml----rice wine


1/4 tsp--Hondashi

2 tbsp---sweet rice wine

1/2 tsp--sugar

1 tbsp---soy sauce (Koikuchi)


Japanese roasted shredded seaweed as much as you wants

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