Ratatouille with soft boiled egg DON - rice bowl dish

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What convenience dish is! Japanese people are always busy... It is since long time ago. DON was created for the people doing something as busy since Edo (around 1830) period. It is can eat quickly rice and some dishes same time. I think Japanese people have DNA for doing something as busy....

Then Japanese people love to eat soft boiled egg!! And as you know Japan have hot hot hot days during summer! So, people eat a lot of summer season vegetable for cool down body temperature and keep body condition. I cooked rice bowl dish with ratatouille and put soft boiled egg on the top! it is easy and yummy! You can enjoy colorful vegetable with healthy meal.

Recipe of Ratatouille with soft boiled egg DON

How to Cook

Step 1 Cook soft boiled egg

Boil water once and remove pot off from heat. And put eggs into boiled water, and leave it 9 min. Then break eggs into plate.

Dish up Put rice with mixed grains on the rice bowl and sprinkle salt. And put ratatouille on top of rice, and put olive oil on top. finaliy put soft boiled egg on top of ratatouille.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Cutting board, knife, frying pan, wooden spatula, tablespoon

Ingredients ( Serve 2p, 10min)

2 --- Eggs

300g---rice with mix grains

300g---ratatouille (10.5822 oz / 0.661386 lb)

Olive oil and salt

Recipe of ratatouille :

Soup of recipe :

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