Ratatouille muffin sandwich with soft boiled egg

You can see at YouTube

Can ingest the 11 kinds of vegetables with breakfast or branch

Do you have remaining ratatouille of last night or keep frozen at freezer? This is easy to cook and good balance for the breakfast or branch. As you know ratatouille component tomato, zucchini, bell pepper, celery and onion. And all ingredients are banana, grapefruit, carrot, muffin, soft boiled egg, olive oil...You can get total 11 kind of food!!

Those cooked vegetable and banana are easy to digestion and change to energy quickly in your body. Then Egg is highly nutrition food, additionally soft boiled egg is easy to digestion too. Those ingredients is good for the body at morning. Because the human body keep working during you are sleeping. So, the body at morning have no energy and work slowly.

Especially, it looks cute like cafe restaurant, if you can dish up fruit and all food on the plate *:)

Recipe of Ratatouille muffin sandwich with soft boiled egg

How to Cook

Put butter on toasted muffin. Put ratatouille, olive oil and soft boiled egg on the muffin. Dish up with garnish on the plate.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Butter knife, tablespoon, spoon

Ingredients ( Serve 2p, 5 min )


150g---ratatouille (5.2911 oz/0.330693 lb)

2------soft boiled egg

1 tbsp--olive oil


Carrot salad



Recipe of ratatouille :

Carrot salad

You can see how to cook soft boiled egg in this youtube

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