Brown rice - How to cook basic

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Brown rice have been trended in Japan too.

People think about Japanese people like to eat brown rice, but it is recently. Because of super food trend.... Brown rice have smell a little more than white rice, so Japanese people don't like it.. But it is gone, if cook brown rice with salt. Today I introduce to you about how to cook brown rice basically. Enjoy cook !!

Can change to energy quickly, and detoxification

As you know, brown rice is the super food which have nutrients perfect score. And it has rich Vitamin B1,B6 and niacin for absorb nutrients and change to energy quickly. Additionally, it has included many phytic acid having a function for discharging the toxic substances in the body. Also, It has rich magnesium pantothenic acid, copper,manganese and molybdenum.

Recipe of Brown rice

How to Cook

Wash brown rice lightly, and transfer to pot. Add amount of water and grains into the pot. Leave it 30 min.

Put lid on the pot and boil it over high heat once, then change to low heat and boil it 15 min.

Remove the pot from the heat and steam rice with the heat still in the pot.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Bowl, Strainer, tsp, pot, lid

Ingredients ( serve 5p, 60 min)

600cc---Brown rice

Grains as you like


1/2 tsp--salt

( FYI - Brown rice 1 : Water 1.5 )

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