Sweet pumpkin with chicken mince starchy sauce

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Japanese pumpkin have been harvest time now. It is very delicious even just boil or steam. This recipe is basic of Japanese home cooking, and a lot of Japanese people know about this cuisine.

Japanese likes starchy sauce!?

The starchy sauce is generic cuisine name of seasoning liquid or broth by the addition of potato starch flour in the soup or water with a cooked. And it usually put on top of the dish or eat as a starchy soup. The cuisine is a feature that mouthfeel becomes smooth, and it is hard to cold and warms up the body with it. Then looks of cuisine will be elegant.

Reliable β-carotene!

Pumpkin have rich nutrition of good balance of Vitamin and mineral. Especially pumpkin have β-caroten, has a powerful antioxidant effect and remove to the active oxygen which increased too much in the body. Active oxygen is present naturally in the human body, is an essential substance for us battling the virus that has entered the body. Human body will increase the active oxygen too much in the body by such as food additives, excessive stress and smoking and ultraviolet light. It must be prepared in a good balanced, because arteriosclerosis and cancer or the aging promotion will progresses, if active oxygen will increase too much.

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How to Cook

Step 1 boil pumpkin

Put pumpkin and sugar into pot and boil it over low heat from water. Transfer to food container when it cooked.

Step 2 Cook chicken mince starchy sauce.

Put chichen, water, konbu froth powder, sugar, rice wine, mirin into pot. Cook it over middle heat. Skim off the scum when it boiled once. add soy sauce and mixed water and potato starch to it. Boil it once.

Dish up

Put pumpkin on the plate, and put starchy sauce on top. You can eat both of hot and cold.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Kitchen knife, cutting board, tablespoon, teaspoon, pot, small bowl,

Ingredients ( Serve 4p, 15min)

100g----chicken mince (3.5274 oz / 0.220462 lb)


1 tsp----konbu froth powder

1 tbsp---sugar

1 tbsp---rice wine

1 tbsp---mirin(sweet rice wine)

1 tbsp---soy sauce ( light/usukuchi)

2 tsp----potato starch

1 tbsp---water

200g----pumpkin (7.0548 oz / 0.440924 lb)

1 tbsp-- sugar

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