Inari sushi - Vinegared rice wrapped in deep-fried bean curd

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What is Inari-zushi?

Inarizushi is one of the sushi which wrapped in deep-fried bean curd. It is popular as inexpensive dish at casual restaurant and home cooking. Usually, vinegared rice or mixed boiled sweet vegetables and mushroom with vinegared rice wrapped in deep-fried bean curd.

Legend has it that Inari shrine is the god of business prosperity and a good harvest. And then the fox is an angel of inari shrine. Inari-zushi formed bale of rice or triangle usually, and deep-fried bean curd is favorite of the fox. That's why it named inari-zushi.

Recipe of Vinegared rice wrapped in deep-fried bean curd

How to cook

Step 1 make vinegared rice Mix cooked white rice, minced vegetable, white sesame seeds, salt and marinade liquide into bowl. Form the rice. Step 2 Wrap Wrap the rice with deep fried tofu pockets, and put toppings on top.

Preparing Cooking Utensil

Bowl, rice scoop, teaspoon, tablespoon, wrap

Ingredients ( 5, 5min)

200g---cooked white rice(7.0548 oz 0.440924 lb)

as you like---Marinated vegetable (Burdock, radish, carrot, celery)

1 tsp--white sesame seeds

5 tbsp--marinade liquid

5------deep fried tofu pockets


5 tsp---boiled chicken mince

5 tsp---fine scrambled eggs

Deep fried tofu pockets

Ingredients ( Serves 4-5p, 15min) 5-----deep fried bean curd 200ml-water 1 tsp--hondashi 4 tbsp-sugar 3tbsp-soy sauce

How to cook

Step 1 Parboil Cut deep fried bean curd half, and parboil to remove oil from it with boiled water few min. Transfer those to colander, and cool those to room temperture. Squeeze those and remove moisture one by one.

Step 2 to season Put mix all seasoning and water into pot and mix well. Add deep fried bean curd into pot. Cook it 10min over law heat. some time switch those the upper and lower for soaking seasoning into deep fried bean curd evenly. Squeeze it when it cool to room temperture. Keep soak in the seasoning when preserve it. Do not squeeze.

Boiled chicken mince & Fine scrambled eggs

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Marinated vegetable (Burdock, radish, carrot, celery)

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